How do clothing dealers promote their achievements?

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At present, many clothing dealers in ordinary prefecture-level and county-level markets often show two states at the same time: First, they often sigh that business is difficult to do, and their performance is not good. Second, they sit in the store every day and wait for customers. Guests are attracted to the store to spend.

At present, many clothing dealers in ordinary prefecture-level and county-level markets often show two states at the same time: First, they often sigh that business is difficult to do, and their performance is not good. Second, they sit in the store every day and wait for customers. Guests are attracted to the store to spend. Obviously, I want to think that the horse is running fast and that the horse does not eat grass. This "good thing" does not exist. Therefore, in order to achieve high sales performance, clothing dealers must change the traditional practice of “sitting in the store and waiting for customers”, but should think about how to attract more targeted consumers to the store. Of course, this also requires a certain investment of clothing dealers, for example, through large-scale theme marketing activities and high-quality brand promotion system, it can quickly make the dealer's store “popular” and quickly achieve high sales performance.
Then, how can clothing dealers quickly make large-scale theme marketing activities and their brand promotion systems under the premise of controlling input costs, and finally achieve the hot sales performance throughout the year? Due to the limitation of space, this article focuses on the distribution of clothing. When operating large-scale theme marketing activities, how to make their brand promotion system high quality, so as to achieve the following two goals: First, quickly improve the brand's visibility, lay a solid foundation for future good sales performance; Second, effectively promote Large-scale themed marketing campaigns quickly achieved high sales performance. Shen Haizhong, the keynote speaker of "Realizers' Low-cost Hot Sales Training Camp", suggested:
First, low-cost operation, three-dimensional promotion. Due to the limited financial strength of most clothing dealers and the large-scale theme marketing activities initiated by Shen Haizhong, it is also carried out and succeeded under the premise of controlling costs. Therefore, when the clothing distributors carry out the promotion and promotion work, the first is to make scientific choices for the carrier of transmission, to ensure that the low-cost and high-quality, that is, low-cost operation; the second is to carry out various publicity and promotion work at the same time. It is not possible to choose only one kind of carrier for promotion, nor can it promote the end of a carrier and then use other carriers for promotion. Instead, it is necessary to scientifically select the carrier and carry out three-dimensional promotion and promotion so as to obtain the greatest publicity effect.
Second, the brand leaflet is the main carrier. The brand leaflet is one of the best promotional vehicles, but it has been ignored by many clothing dealers, and even thinks that the leaflet has no effect at all. Obviously, this is the tragic situation that the majority of clothing dealers have not dealt with in the content, creativity, design, printing and distribution of the leaflet. On the contrary, as long as the above content is handled well, the brand leaflet will send out an unusually strong propaganda force to help the clothing dealers quickly achieve excellent and even high sales performance. To this end, the founder of the dealer network, Shen Haizhong, will focus on the creation and distribution of the brand leaflet in the next two articles, so that the clothing dealers will fall in love with the brand leaflet because she: low price And efficient.
Third, the brand float promotion is to promote the superstar. Brand float promotion is a superstar in marketing, and this is true. Relatively speaking, brand leaflets are weak and static, while brand floats are huge, dynamic, fluid, and vocal, and can quickly become familiar to consumers. This is because the brand floats are constantly moving, and the second is because they have high-pitched speakers, which can be heard every few tens of meters, which also helps the distribution of the brand leaflets to make them more effective. Therefore, when the clothing dealers carry out the promotion work, they must do a good job in the brand float promotion work, especially the float car body advertising design and audio advertisement creation. These two points are the key points and need to be well handled.
Fourth, advertising banners and arches are effectively assisted. Advertising banners and advertising arches will have a significant auxiliary effect on large-scale themed marketing campaigns. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the distribution products, specialty stores and regional markets, the clothing dealers should make full use of the advertising banners and advertising arches under the premise of controlling the cost and the quantity of materials, so that the effect is outstanding. This is easy to accomplish.
Fifth, newspaper DM advertising has great charm. At present, in many small cities, there are DM advertisements. Generally, advertisements for newspapers or newspapers on the homepage are only 200 yuan or 300 yuan, but the effect is very good. Therefore, clothing dealers should use regular newspapers and DM advertising newspapers in their regions according to actual conditions. You don't have to play the advertisement of 800 yuan or more, just hit the newspaper or the advertisement for about 200 yuan, and then insist on playing. The more you play, the better. At the same time, coupled with our brand leaflets and brand floats, this comprehensive, large-scale theme marketing campaign has become more and more effective.
Sixth, insist on TV advertising to produce big achievements. Advertising is still the most concerned by consumers. After advertising for a long time, it is more reliant on its brand, which has produced a huge purchase. In view of this reality, clothing dealers should reasonably launch TV commercial transmission according to the actual situation of the regional market, and long-term adherence, the future return will be very huge. Of course, this TV commercial transmission also requires low cost, such as advertising subtitles, hanging corner advertisements, and the like. Generally, advertising in most county-level markets or prefecture-level markets is not expensive. The annual control fee is between 20,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan. It is necessary and worthwhile.
Seven, outdoor bus electronic advertising shows their talents. Due to the original "Distributor's Hot Sales Winning System" and large-scale theme marketing activities created by Shen Haizhong's teacher, it is not the pursuit of excellent sales for three or five months, but the sales that can be achieved in a few years. Therefore, in terms of publicity and promotion work, in addition to the current theme marketing activities, clothing dealers must also consider the excellent development in the later stage. Therefore, under the premise of funding permission, clothing dealers should make scientific choices for large outdoor advertising, bus body advertisements, and electronic display advertisements for exclusive store doors. Such communication carriers are actually not costly, but as long as the advertising ideas are good and they are consistently placed, the future gains will be extremely large. Everyone has a look at the overlord brands in many counties and cities. Whether it is a solar brand, a fabric brand, a bathroom brand or a floor brand, they all have this successful experience.
Eight, science to deploy, segment to expand. Obviously, if the financial strength of the clothing dealers is really very limited, then in the operation of large-scale theme marketing activities, the promotion can focus on brand leaflets, brand floats and advertising banners, and the use of advertising arches, but If there is another fee of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, you can make full use of relevant advertisements such as newspaper advertisements, TV advertisements, outdoor advertisements, etc., so as to ensure that large-scale theme marketing activities are easier to operate successfully. For example, Teacher Shen Haizhong used to be in a certain The small county town helped the dealers to spend 13,000 yuan in promotion expenses. After two months, it quickly increased from the previous month's performance of less than 10,000 yuan to about 100,000 yuan. After three months of continuous operation, its total sales performance exceeded that. The total sales performance of the dealers in the first nine months of the year; the second is to facilitate the excellent development of the brand in the future and the excellent sales of the products.
After all, "predecessors plant trees, future generations take advantage of the cold" - early planning, scientific, systematic advertising, will make future sales better. This is the unchanging truth of the ages. Therefore, the clothing dealers need to determine according to their actual situation, or they can market in different time periods, so as to make the current marketing activities successful, and to cultivate the future sales perfectly, so that they will go from long to long. The road to success in the hot sales of time, rather than sales for two or three months, has turned into a bleak business in the future. Obviously, this requires dealers to have a longer-term vision and operational enthusiasm!
As can be seen from the above, clothing dealers can spend a very low cost, such as 1 to 20,000 yuan, to promote the promotion of large-scale theme marketing activities, thus making large-scale events famous. The whole city can quickly achieve high sales performance; it can also carry out more in-depth, excellent and systematic publicity and promotion work for the whole year and even in the next few years, so that the future can be easily "cooled" -- Achieving high sales performance for several years. This is the result of active marketing by apparel dealers. On the contrary, if the clothing dealer is afraid of thinking and fearing to be afraid of action, and only knows to wait for the shop, then the sales performance for the whole year can only show the result of “face yellow muscle thin”.

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